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Ceragem Massage Bed

Ceragem Massage

Our Ceragem thermal massage beds relax the body with infrared heat and a jade rolling system. This gentle, targeted rolling unlocks tension in your vertebrae and spine, restoring alignment and function.

FDA Approved Massage Bed

Our users report it is the closest thing they’ve experienced to a human massage.

Ceragem massage beds are FDA approved for the relief of minor muscle & joint pain, stiffness, muscle aches, and an increase in local circulation.

The spine is a central organ in the body that supports our body and protects the spinal cord. Ceragem is a medical device approved by the Korea Medical Device Safety Information Service that provides intensive heat and compression stimulation to the spine.

How Ceragem Massage Bed Works?

Ceragem recognized your spinal length, curvature and load to give a custom massage experience for your unique body.

Specific points along your body are targeted for effective spinal release, helping you move pain free.

Application of the amount of pressure applied is targeted to your spine.

Receive intensive thermal therapy up to 149°F at specific acupressure points along your spine.


Ceragem Monthly subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are our best value. Minimum 3-month commitment and 30-day notice required for cancellation.​

4 Monthly Ceragem Sessions
$89 (25% savings)

8 Monthly Ceragem Sessions
$169 (30% savings)

12 Monthly Ceragem Sessions
$235 (35% savings)

Ceragem Individual session

Ceragem Massage Bed​

Add on to a Sauna Session​


It’s an automated massage bed that combines infrared heat with acupressure massage. The machine scans your back for the first 90 seconds to get the length of your spine, then creates a custom massage with various acupressure points. This treatment is great for relieving sore muscles & joint pain, improving blood circulation, and is incredibly relaxing.
Just wear loose comfortable clothing. No prep needed.
Jade massage sessions are ~40 minutes long.

This treatment can be done as often as daily!

 “Old” Bed (#1 & 2)“New” Bed (#3)
Time42 mins36 mins
PressureOnly 1 level: lighter pressure, good for sensitive clients6 levels: ability for deeper pressure
Programs1 program7 programs: digestion, circulation, basic health, energy, concentration, deep sleep and balanced body