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Cold Plunge

Take the plunge

Cold plunge is getting a ton of attention with many health experts advocating for its use because of its numerous positive health effects.

We are pleased to have the space to now offer a cold plunge as an add-on to your sauna session. Experience the myriad of benefits for yourself.

Why Cold Plunge?

Cold water immersion is hands down one of the best things you can do for your health. In just a few minutes, you’ll get all these amazing benefits:


Everybody has their own method for waking up. If you’re looking for a quick start to your morning or an afternoon pick me up, cold plunging will boost your energy!


A cold plunge may help to reduce depression and improve overall mood! Don't take our word for it though, come in and try it!


The boost in norepinephrine from an ice bath has been shown to be up to 5x. This neurotransmitter can dramatically reduce inflammation and help with chronic pain.


When you dip into the Plunge, your body triggers the autonomic nervous system. You’ll likely find that your relaxation levels and sleep improve. Come try it out!


Cold plunge benefits extend beyond the mental and chemical aspects of your body. Sports medicine has utilized cold water therapy for years, to help the active recovery of your muscles.


Being immersed in cold water stimulates leukocytes, white blood cells that help fight off sickness. It also forces fluid through the lymph nodes. This process aids in detoxing your body and strengthening your immune system. A study has shown to substantially lower upper respiratory tract infections.


Cold water therapy has been shown to be an effective supplemental treatment for stress relief by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. A study found that regular cold showers and ice baths helped reduce anxiety and improve the mood of participants.


Cold plunging has shown the ability to increase baseline dopamine levels. Dopamine is the molecule in our brain and body that is linked to motivation. According to Dr. Andrew Huberman dopamine can enhance our depth of focus and lower our threshold for taking action toward our specific goals.

Cold Plunge Protocol

This 4 step protocol has had a dramatic positive effect for our clients. We recommend starting with this protocol to see for yourself how your mood, energy levels, and body feel after a session.

40-Minute Infrared Sauna Session

Do a set of 10-20 squats to increase your internal body temperature
Hop into the plunge. Breathe calmly with your just your neck above the water for 2-3 minutes (30 deep breaths). You may submerge your head for a few seconds and then get out.
Upon exiting, add some movement to warm your body temperature. You can do squats, lunges, arm circles, or throw some stationary punches while breathing deeply. Large exhales will help heat your body up.

We look forward to hearing how you feel for the rest of the day after your session.

How to prepare for your session

We have one room that houses our sauna and ice bath. Simply finish your sauna session and hop in the cold plunge. You will have the room reserved for 60 minutes. Book this combo package here:


Cold Plunge Monthly subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are our best value. Minimum 3-month commitment and 30-day notice required for cancellation.​

4 Monthly Cold Plunge Sessions
$89 (25% savings)

8 Monthly Sauna Sessions
$169 (30% savings)

12 Monthly Sauna Sessions
$235 (35% savings)

Cold Plunge Individual session

Reserve Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge Session

Sauna & Cold Plunge Monthly subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions are our best value. Minimum 3-month commitment and 30-day notice required for cancellation.​

4 Monthly Sauna & Cold Sessions
$199 (33% savings)

8 Monthly Sauna & Cold Sessions
$360 (0% savings)

12 Monthly Sauna & Cold Sessions
$399 (45% savings)

Add Ons

Cold Plunge

End your sauna session with a dip in our cold plunge. There are numerous benefits to contrast therapy. And just 1-5 minutes in the cold plunge is all you need.

Cold Plunge Add-On


Ceragem Massage Bed

Massages have numerous physical and mental benefits. Our massage beds are the highest quality automated massage experience available. Add on a 40-minute massage to your Cold Plunge. You are going to love these sessions!

Ceragem Massage Bed​ Add-On



Our Chlorine-free tub uses ozone filtration as a powerful oxidizer to break down unwanted contaminates and maintain water quality. The tub also contains a 20-micron filter to remove debris. The water constantly circulates to help water quality & make for an even colder plunge experience. Our tub is maintained according to the manufacturer’s commercial guidelines.
The ice bath cools down to as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit.
Stand-alone Ice bath room reservations are 15 minutes total. The recommended time in the water is 3-9 minutes depending on experience. We also offer sauna + ice bath combo sessions for hot and cold immersion therapy which is a 1-hour room reservation.

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