Ceragem Jade Massage



What is a Ceragem Massage Bed

Our thermal massage beds relax the body with infra-red heat and a jade rolling system. This gentle rolling massage unlocks tension in your shoulders and back muscles, relieves stress, headaches, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Pain decreases while your body feels space being created in-between your vertebrae.

What is Infra-red

Infra-red is often referred to as the “Light of Life” It is a radiant heat and is more penetrable than visible light. A warm emitting wave of light that travels quickly over great distances. Far-infra-red supports the human body’s most basic biological functions, supports DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, stabilizes blood/bone calcium levels and supports connective tissue health.


$20.00 per 35-40 minute session. After a session on the bed you will feel uniquely restored and regenerated! You may also feel 2 inches taller!

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