JACUZZI Infra-Red Sauna


Why not sweat it?

It is a fact, we encounter toxins wherever we go, and our bodies absorb impurities which affect our overall wellness. The origin of lethargy, digestive issues, skin rashes, mental dullness and headaches is a toxin.
One of the best ways to release negative matter whether it is mental or physical, is to sweat.

Why use a JACUZZI Infra-Red Sauna?

Infra-red saunas operate at a temperature between 115-150 degrees F. The infra-red heat penetrates beyond the epidermal surface reaching deep tissue and internal organs by raising our body’s core temperature. When we detox we release impurities which have built up in our bodies in the form of metals, synthetic and organic chemicals.
Athletes use the sauna for muscle recovery, competitive swimmers use the sauna to detox from the chlorine they have absorbed. People that have over celebrated during the holidays use the sauna to cleanse their systems and return to a healthy wellness regime. The sauna is also a wonderful place to be still and meditate.
While the main reasons people love the infra-red sauna time is for treating chronic pain, respiratory issues and illness many people find that spending time in the the sauna is an outstanding way to improve mental well-being, combat depression and insomnia.

Infra-Red Benefits

Increases oxygen levels in the tissue
Breaks down fat, chemicals and toxins from human tissue
Improves waste elimination and nerve function of digestive organs
Advances lymph system drainage
Destroys virus and bacteria
Reduces inflammation
Stimulates the pineal gland, relaxing body and mind
Improves metabolism
Improves liver detox process
Removes heavy metals from tissue

Relieves pain from:

   Chronic Connective Tissue Disorders


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