Holistic Healing


Do you have pain from scoliosis, bulging or herniated disks, misaligned hips/shoulders, arthritis, injuries from an accident ?    These issues can be helped with an energy healing session. Your bones will spontaneously align under my hands.
 What else can be helped with Energy healing?
Digestive disorders, allergies, hormonal imbalance, headaches, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune disease,  cancer, emotional issues….these are a few of the many problems that can be helped.  Clearing past life karma (generational inherited stress) and trauma  can help in your emotional, financial or relationship difficulties.
Using healing devices (  zero point Lifestream machine, harmonic resonance machine, crystal light chakra machine) in my sessions will speed up your recovery. There are mobile Rife machines, 5G protection devices, and anti-parasite protocol available for purchase to continue self-healing at home.
$130  – 1 hour quantum energy healing session ( remove spiritual, psychic, physical and emotional blockages and align body, mind and                             spirit.  Session includes any combination of the following: harmonic resonance device, zero point Livestream machine, crystal light chakra machine).
$130  –  Biofeedback Scan and Metatherapy is approximately 2 1/2 hour session.  It is a detailed  biofeedback scan of each organ and                   body system with healing metatherapy applied afterwards based on scan findings. Anti-parasite and other protocols are provided after the scan.
$130  –  Remote Biofeedback scan and Metatherapy session. This scan can be completed remotely with nails as a DNA sample –                                    provided to Oasis. Client DOES NOT need to be on site for his appointment.  Detailed report will be provided by email.
$40  –     Crystal light chakra  40 min session ( opens chakras and clears emotional blockages).
$60 –      Zero point Lifestream machine 40 min session. How can it help? It energizes the whole body, opens acupuncture meridians and                       chakras. ( healing examples: improves insomnia, food allergies, arteriosclerosis, reduces appetite, improves addictions.)