Sonic Life Vibration

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Sonic Life Vibration

Health and dis-ease are both created and healed at the cellular level. Our bodies are designed to self heal, if the immune system is strong and our body is rid of toxins. Obviously, we must provide ourselves with the proper nourishment, rest and exercise. Sonic Vibration Exercise is a useful tool that exercises your cells and assists in Lymphatic drainage.


When the correct vibrational frequencies are delivered our energy and body fluids flow properly, our cells function correctly and our bodies can heal themselves. All dis-ease and suffering is blocked energy in the body.
A 10 minute session on our sonic vibrational platform provides an effective, rejuvenating awareness. As the vibration device cycles through the variety of frequencies and amplitudes the cells in your muscles and organs are stimulated and adjusted to their optimal state. Energy flow is restored and chronic conditions dissipate.
Besides draining the lymphatic system, this exercise helps build bone density, firms and tones your skin, relieves sinus and digestive issues.


$10.00 for a 10 minute session

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